Core Workout: Ben Widdershoven

This is core workout, designed by Ben Widdershoven (Physio with Giant Alpecin), is to improve your power and riding efficiency by developing your trunk’s stability. He suggests that it’s most effective to do a small core workout every day for best results.

  • Plank (Ben’s version)ben
    • Repetitions: 1
    • Sets: 3
    • Laying on your elbows and toes, bring your body into a straight line. Now bring your stomach and hips up slightly higher and hold for as long as you can.


  • Ben’s “Slanting” PlankBen1
    • Repetitions: 1
    • Sets: 3 (each side)
    • Starting on your side, place your elbow under your shoulder with your hand facing forward. Lift your hips to form a straight line with your back and legs. Push your hips forward and try to lift them even higher from the ground as well as pulling your toes up, towards you. Hold for as long as possible and stop as soon as your hips begin to drop or you feel that you cannot hold the correct position any longer.


  • Bent-Knee Back BridgeBen2
    • Repetitions: 10
    • Sets: 3
    • Lie on your back with a physio ball under your legs. Place your arms beside yourself on the ground. Now roll the ball towards you by bending your legs and then extend again to roll the ball out under your legs.


  • Hip ExtensionBen3
    •  Repetitions: 10
    • Sets: 3
    • Start on your hand and knees in front of the ball. Now put your feet onto the ball so that your legs are in a straight line. Pull the ball under your body by bringing your knees to your chest and then push it away again to stretch your legs out straight.


  • Sitting into the DoorBen4
    •  Repetitions: 1
    • Sets: 3
    • Put your back against the wall and feet shoulder width apart, two foot lengths in front of you. Tilt your hips down to push your lower back into the wall. Now, using both legs, slowly lower your body so that your hips come in line with your knees and your legs are at a 90 degree angle. Hold for as long as possible before pushing your legs down to straighten them out again so that you are back in the starting position.


Completed each day, this workout should train all of the muscles around your core, focusing on those that are more cycling specific, to help you improve on the bike.

Ben has been a physio with the Gaint Alpecin team since 2010 and works with many top riders, helping them get the best out of themselves. He is based in Sittard, The Netherlands, and does a lot of work with athletes and non-athletes as patients which has lead to a diverse career of experience and knowledge. Find out more:

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