Indoor Training: Fitness and Base

Indoor trainer/roller sessions are a great way of getting on the bike to improve your ability if you don’t have much time or if the weather is bad. You never have to stop for a traffic light and can focus more on technique.

This session is designed for building aerobic capacity and can be done on rollers, a spin bike, or an indoor trainer. It is particularly good for after a rest period as it isn’t too intense and will improve your body’s base fitness with just 67 minutes of training. It is also a great session for training endurance or to develop a base for climbing/time trialing because it will improve your power over a longer period of time.

A few prior terms to know:

D1 – this is your endurance zone, an intensity which you would do an endurance ride at.

D2 – this is your hard endurance zone, an intensity you would hold for a ‘pushing’ endurance ride.

D3 – lactate threshold, an intensity which is hard but not yet anaerobic. It is also regarded as tempo riding by some people. Breathing will start to become laboured but still under control. You can hold this intensity for about 30 minutes.

  • Warm up:
    • 3 mins at D1
    • 2 mins at D3/tempo
    • 1 min max
    • 4 mins at D1
  • Training: 4 sets of
    • 8 mins D3 rotating 2 mins at 110 rpm and 2 mins at 90rpm
      • (This means do 2 mins: 110 rpm D3, 2 mins: 90 rpm D3, 2 mins: 110 rpm D3, 2 mins: 90 rpm, D3)
    • with 5 mins recovery
  • Cool down:
    • 10 mins easy

Try to hold your back still and generate all the power out of your core to make the most of the training. The changes in cadence add variation to the training, keeping you conscious during the efforts as well as training for if you hit a change in terrain like a headwind, tailwind or climb.

Have fun!


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