Indoor Trainer Session: Technique

For once you can have a low intensity training that is still high quality! This indoor trainer workout will improve your riding efficiency, be mentally stimulating and it is done in under an hour.

One of the best ways to make marginal gains is to work on technique because when you use good technique you can put more power out with less energy and effort. This workout is designed to do just that by focusing on the pedal stroke so that you can make the most out of your energy. In Training for Younger Athletes it is mentioned that younger cyclists should focus a lot on technical and skill because of their cognitive development, but it is also good for adults too to develop stronger neurological pathways and better efficiency.

The workout is relatively low intensity so it is great for on an easier day if you’re feeling a little tired from work or if you have been riding hard the last couple of days and want to something a little more relaxing.


Warm up:

  • 10 mins easy spinning (100+ rpm) to warm up

Training: Repeat this block of intervals 5 times

  • 3 mins same (low) intensity as the warm up but in a slightly harder gear (80 rpm)
  • 30 seconds one leg only (go a bit easier if you need to)
    • focus on keeping your back still and make sure that the power is being generated from your pelvis and core
  • 30 seconds with the other leg
  • 1 min both legs  110+rpm at a medium intensity (D3/lactate threshold)
    • here you will start to feel that your pedal stroke becomes a lot smoother from the single-leg intervals
  • 2 mins easy to recover and let the muscles relax again.

Cool down

  • 10 mins easy


With every repetition of the training block, during the 1 minute interval, you will feel your pedal stroke becoming smoother and smoother because you teach all of the correct muscles to activate at the right times in the pedal stroke. The idea is to train the activation of these muscles so that you start using them without thinking whilst riding.

This is the perfect thing to do for a bit of mental stimulation when on an indoor trainer and have a relatively easy, yet high quality workout. It is great fun for younger riders as well as older riders and will improve everybody’s technique to help them become more efficient on the bike. Try it out and enjoy!

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